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Download your FREE guide to buying a property in France today. The France Buying Guide is written by experts in the property industry, aimed at helping you to understand the facts, warn you of any risks and ensure your property purchase in France is a success.


Within the guide, you will learn how to:


•    Take the first steps to buying a property in France
•    Budget and finance a property and lifestyle in France
•    Reduce costs and save money
•    Avoid common mistakes
•    Find the best property for the best price
•    Navigate all legal issues
•    Move to France if permanently emigrating
•    Securely settle in to your new home in France



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Why France is a good place to buy a property?

France has it all: rolling hills, rivers galore, stunning ancient villages, cities of culture, wonderful coastlines. Average house prices are also much lower than in the UK, so you can purchase a holiday home or upgrade to more exotic location - and still have money left over.

There is something for everybody on offer, from medieval castles to village cottages, from sandy beach pads to lock-up-and-go apartments in walled communities. Then of course there is what the French consider to be the best food in the world – and many of us would have to agree!

Buying a property in France is not a decision to be rushed or taken lightly. While France is a familiar country to many of us, there are still a lot of things to be aware of and consider when purchasing a property there. The free France Buying Guide provides information that will help you make a more informed decision on your purchase and put your mind at ease.    

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Avoid losing money on your purchase in France

There are a number of huge mistakes that can be made when buying a property in France. One of  the biggest of these is a failure to understand the risks involved when buying abroad. Don't let your dream purchase in France turn into a nightmare!

That’s where the France Buying Guide comes in - our free guide and educational website can help you to get started, reduce risks, save money and effectively plan for a successful purchase. You will be able to:

•    Get started today, without being overwhelmed
•    Learn from the mistakes made by our readers!
•    Save money when transferring large sums of money to France and exchanging your currency for euros
•    Plan efficiently to ensure you can both find and afford the property you want, when you want it
•    Find out the biggest financial mistakes that property buyers make
•    Avoid scams and where potential problems may arise
•    Understand your options for funding a property in France, and how each one will affect you in different ways
•    Determine your perfect location
•    Find the best estate agent
•    Learn how to get the most out of a viewing trip in France
•    Compare a number of properties, and find the best option for you
•    Work out every single cost, including all fees and charges, so you know how much your purchase will total
•    Negotiate on the purchase price
•    Find out the main legal issues for the entire buying process, what they mean to you and what the penalties
      are if any of these issues arise
•    Find out how to move your possessions to France
•    Maintain a property and lifestyle in France including employment, healthcare and pensions
•    Start up a business in France

What’s more, you will have access to a wealth of information on education, transportation, building regulations, culture and much more from our expert resource team who are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your purchase in France.

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