Getting Started

Within this section of the website you’ll find information that will help to get started.  Find out why buying a French property is a good idea.  Learn tips on how to plan, what actions to take and how to take them.  In addition to reading the articles in this area please make sure to visit all the other property journey steps including: French financials, French properties, French legalities, moving to France and settling in to France.  Each section has valuable information and it’s a good idea to get an overview even if you’re not planning on a purchase anytime soon.


Getting started in France

5th October 2011 - 06:45
Buying a home in France is something which millions of British people aspire to and many achieve with very little stress. The key to a successful purchase is thorough preparation, an understanding of how the French buying process works, research into the area which appeals and getting help with the legal side. Susie and Mike had spent many happy holidays in the Languedoc area of France and had long nurtured the idea of buying a holiday home there one day.  With their  more...

How and where to start research about start to finish process

24th August 2011 - 04:44
France is a huge country offering diverse attractions. As you start your search for a property and a new life there, you need to become at least a little bit familiar with each area that you feel is right for you at the start. Of course, you may well have travelled far and wide in France and have a good idea of those areas which really “do it” for you, in which case you are well on the way to achieving what you want. If not, think first about what is important to you in terms  more...

Motivation: it is possible, you can do it!

13th July 2011 - 04:36
I have recently come across a survey which states that France still comes out at the top of the list of countries British people would most like to move to for “quality of life”.  This will come as no surprise to you, I am sure.  France is a wonderful place to live, offering space, beauty, fine food and wine and great cultural interest.  Add to that the fact that you can buy a property for less than half of what you would likely pay in the UK for similar and you  more...

Is it possible for me to move to France?

1st June 2011 - 08:12
Yes it is!  All EU citizens and their family members have the right to live and work in France and do not require a work or residence permit.  You no longer need to apply for a “Carte de Sejour” either. So in principle you can move to France or buy a second home in France without fear of any restriction at all. Many people are confused about residency for tax purposes however so if you are planning to buy a home in France, read on: If you are  more...

Why buy a property in France?

28th April 2011 - 09:10
There are so many wonderful reasons to buy a property in France, I hardly know where to start!  If you are already tempted to do just this, how about starting with some striking statistics?  Consider this: the whole of the UK is less than one half of the size of France.  The population of the UK is just a little less than France however and to push the point home, think of this: that on average there are 395 people per square kilometre in the UK compared to just 111 in  more...

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